Weekend Update, New Ranks, Store Open, Auctions

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    Hey Guys,

    Its been a week since launch and we've got a massive update for you this weekend. We've added new features including a third player rank, an auction house and our new Server Store!

    We're Really happy how launch has gone and have already received tonnes of feedback and ideas from your guys. We hope you continue enjoying the Server!

    | New Citizen Rank


    We have added a third player rank, the citizen rank which has higher requirements. Benefits of this new rank include a new Green Prefix tag, up to 7 bidding listings and 7 sales listings on the auction, the new citizen kit, /kit citizen and more. Check all ranks commands with /help citizen. More will be added soon.

    Also this is a good time to announce the three new player rank kits, kit member, kit trusted and kit citizen all with seperate cooldown times including armour, potions, building blocks and more!

    | Server Store Launch

    We have just opened our new server store to help support our hosting costs and to fund new advertisements, plugins and more. There are currently 5 Donor Ranks which can be purchased. Supporter, Architect, Designer, Master, Legend.
    If you're interested in purchasing a rank you can check them out here.

    You can also check each ranks benefits in the /rankup menu.


    We'd also like to announce our monthly top voter prizes associated with our Server Store. For the month of August, considering July is coming to a close. The top voters at the end of the month will receive store coupons.

    You can view your standing in the top voters list with /sv top. The prizes are as follows:
    1. First prize: $50 store coupon
    2. Second prize: $40 store coupon
    3. Third Prize: $30 store coupon
    4. Fourth Prize: $20 store coupon
    5. Fifth Prize: $10 store coupon
    | Auctions

    We have opened a new player auction house. You can now list your items either as a fixed price selling, or an auction which lasts for 5 minutes. Each rank has a different number of listings which can be checked in the /rankup menu.
    You must be member rank to list an item on the auction.

    Use /ah help to get you started listing your first item! Also the familiar item shop is still around, now when you type /shop you simply get multiple menus to open. The auction house and item shop

    | Upcoming Features

    We had originally planned to launch chest shops with this update however the development of those has taken longer than expected and they should be coming midweek. We also have a new line up of crates to release. keys for those can be unlocked via vote crates and on the store. Use /warp crates to see the 3 upcoming ones which will be released very soon!

    | Final Announcement

    Finally guys we are proud to announce our first Staff Appointment JPanda will become our first Server Moderator.
    Hes been active on the server and I hope you'll join us in congratulating him for his appointment. I'm sure you'll see him on the server there to help you guys out!

    For all those of you who did not get accepted, applications will be rolled over to next weeks appointments so don't lose hope. A lot of you are showing real promise as future helpers and staff moderators so keep it up!

    Finally I'd like to thank you guys for all the support we've got so far. I can't wait to see how this community evolves into the Future!
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    Nice update!
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    That's really nice!
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    Slowly but surely we'll grow bigger and bigger! keep the updates coming!
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    Yeah we will! Hope it grows into amazing server!

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