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Jul 1, 2019
Hey Guys,:cool:

Hope you're all keeping well. Just a few notes from me today relating to some changes that have been made to the Server and The Discord recently as well as our plans for the future. Most of this information is also over on the Discord in the #announcements channel. Also I'd like to remind anyone who hasn't already to create a forums account and start contributing to the conversation! Some ranking up will soon require a forums account so I want you guys to be ready to contribute! All that said lets get onto the patch notes.

  • Fixed issue with PlayerWarps, now functioning as before. Type "/pwarp" to Acccess the Player Warps menu.
  • Readded LeaderBoards back to the Server. Access with "/leaderboards". As they were causing lag before they've now been adjusted to update once every hour.
  • Switching back to Top Monthly Voter System. First Prizes will be awarded at the end of May! Make sure to keep voting for the server. Even if you're not interested in the prizes it really helps to grow the server playerbase. :) Prizes are as Follows:
    • First Place: $20 Store Coupon
    • Second Place: $10 Store Coupon
    • Third Place: $5 Store Coupon
  • Check who the top monthly voters are currently with "/topvoters". To vote for the server use the links at this page:
  • Added an INGAME Chat channel to Discord. Ingame server chat will now show up in this channel along with achievements, and other info such as when players join/leave the server. People on Discord can chat in this channel and their messages will appear in Server Chat as well so its two way communication. This means people away from their computers can keep an eye on server chat with their Phone/Tablet. Check it out over on the Discord.
  • Phantoms have been readded due to Popular Demand! You can check the results of that poll in the #polls channel in the Discord.
  • Development of the new fully featured Towny system has begun. This will be an overhaul/removal of the old clans system and should add a new dimension to Server Gameplay.
  • After Towny is released fully development will begin for a new fully featured Jobs System.

That's it for today's update, hope to see you guys online! :p Remember to post here on the forums. We are trying to encourage a bit of a revival of the sort of dead forums so help us out if you can. Post general discussion posts, build guides, tutorials to make money, anything that you can think of really! And make sure to link the posts in the Discord to get people to check them out! Also keep an eye out here on the forums for a preview of what awaits when we roll out the 1.16 Update, a post about that will be dropping very soon!

- GB