Top Voters July, Small Updates, Store Summer Sale

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    Hey Guys,

    Just a quick update to let you know about some recent bug fixes, the top voters for July and the sale now on, on our server store. Also check out our new cool banner!


    | Top Voters

    Thanks to all the members who voted for us this month, it really helps our community to keep growing bigger and better. The top voters this month are:

    1. youwilldieto $15 Store Credit
    2. 1Key $15 Store Credit
    3. Reazreal $15 Store Credit.

    Good luck next month, prizes have been increased to $20 of store credit! Huge congratulations to this months winners!

    | Small Bug Fixes/ Changes

    Over the last month we've been working hard to iron out any small bugs the server has experienced. Here's a list of small changes and bug fixes.

    - Fixed error where votes weren't registering to leaderboards system.
    - Fixed error with levelup system, now fully operational.
    - Small tweaks made to server crate system.
    - Fixed placeholder bugs where votes weren't appearing on player menu.
    - Altered menu layout slightly.
    - Made some small tweaks to donor packages.
    - Changed the aesthetic of TAB menu. Full ranks no longer shown (thought it looked a bit messy)
    - Added new kit for new players known as /kit adventurer, redeemable once per day it contains useful building materials and other items to help players get started!
    - Tweaked "Party Crate" system for every vote party.

    | Server Store Sale, 20% off ALL Ranks and Upgrades.

    We're starting a limited time Summer Sale on our store. All ranks and upgrade prices have been cut by 20% so if you were looking to pick yourself up one of our packages now is a great time to do so! Thanks so much to all our previous donators. You've helped to keep the server going by funding our hosting costs, development costs and other expenses.

    You can check out the Store and the On Sale items HERE.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the top donor for the month of July, Trockos. He is the latest addition to the hall of fame at /warp donor.

    | Closing

    Just to wrap this update log up, thanks for all the support on the server lately, its really great to see you guys so active! Thanks for all the suggestions I've received on discord of features to add to the server. Two of the big ones you can expect to be added in the future are' Jobs' and 'Custom Items'.

    Following on from that, its great to see so much interest from you guys for this months building conest. I've already seen some of your guys creations and they're looking incredible!

    Speaking of the build contest you can read our Events Thread for the month of August HERE. We've got a bunch of events running for August so hope you enjoy participating.

    Thanks guys! <3
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