Official Top Voters and Donor for July!


New member
Jul 1, 2019

Hi Guys,:alien:

Happy August!! I'll jump straight into it today. The top voters for the Month of July are as follows: :love:

  1. JustBilly123 - 97 Votes - $20 Store Credit
  2. Villee - 91 Votes - $10 Store Credit
  3. Zenodoxus - 86 Votes - $5 Store Credit
Congratz to the winners and thanks to everyone for Voting! Please DM me for your prizes. Also I'd like to say that it really makes a difference and helps support and grow the community when you guys vote! This month we broke over 1000 unique votes easily! I hope we can keep that up for next month and even surpass it! Thanks again.

Second announcement is our Top Donor for the month. This month it is Tigger_1234! Thanks for your generous contributions to the server to help us stay online!!!:giggle: Tigger will be added to the hall of fame at "/warp donor"

Thats it for today more announcements about newly added features for August coming very sooon.....