Official Top Voters and Donor for August!


New member
Jul 1, 2019
Hi Guys! :p

Well its officially back to school time so happy September! We had a great month of August, more players, votes and support than any other month this year! September is shaping up to be very exciting I am going to be announcing more contests and features soon. Lets jump into announcing top voters

  1. iMallett - 157 Votes - $20 Store Credit
  2. VodkaMixer - 144 Votes - $10 Store Credit
  3. Peaky_Blinder - 124 Votes - $5 Store Credit
Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all those who voted for your support! This announcement will also be made on the Discord.

Second announcement is our Top Donor for the month. This month it is SnUfs_Jay! Thanks for your generous contributions to the server to help us stay online!!! :love:Snufs will be added to the hall of fame at "/warp donor"

Thanks guys that it for now, Build Contest winner announcement will be coming later today! Also stay tuned on the forums and Discord for super cool announcements coming soon. Let me just say September is going to be the month of events and contests with fun prizes! New minigames also coming soon!