Summer Revival Update, Market, Leaderboards, Pets

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    Hey guys, I'm gonna jump straight in and start announcing all the new stuff that I've been working on over the past few weeks so lets start!

    | New Wilderness Spawn and Player Market

    We've now got a brand new wilderness spawn when you travel through the portal. There's a bunch of new npc's as well as the biggest new addition, the player market. You can travel to the market with "/warp market". There are currently 10 rentable shops available and once you rent a shop you can edit the interior to your liking and set up chestshops to sell your items to other players.

    You can only rent one shop at a time, rental prices range from $900 per week to $2000 per week. Depending on demand we may increase these prices as time goes on.


    | Leaderboard System

    We now finally have a full leaderboard system. Just use "/leaderboards" to access a bunch of different leaderboards for different stats ranging from mob kills to distance rode by pig! Leaderboards will be reset on a monthly basis and right now are only for bragging rights however I'll be introducing a monthly events programme very soon and players at the top of the leaderboards will win prizes including: ingame currency, store coupons and crate keys. I'm looking forward to see who comes out on top!


    | LevelUp System

    Since so many of our older players reach the max rank of citzen long ago we have introduced a new "leveling" system. Players will have to meet certain requirements and stats in order to proceed to the next level. Upon each levelup, your chat prefix will change and you will be rewarding with land blocks and different crate keys. Currently there are only levels 1-10 but we will be adding new levels soon as well as altering the requirements of levels 1-10 if they seem too grindy/ too easy to reach. We hope you enjoy this new aspect to the server!


    | Pets (Donor Exclusive)

    Of course our generous donors also deserve a long awaited feature, Pets! You can now take companions with you on your travels ranging from Iron Golems to witches. Your pets have their own inventory to store items in. They can be worn as hats and you can even ride them as you would a horse! You can access the pet menu with "/pets." Each donor rank unlocks a certain number of pets with Legend possessing access to them all.


    | Other Small Features and Bug fixes

    - fixed issues with vote party system.
    - reset the end and the nether.
    - fixed bugs with voting links.
    - fixed old placeholder bugs
    - made some changes to buycraft packages
    - fixed issue where players weren't getting rewarded for voting
    - made changes to help menus
    - added some new gui's including "Renting" gui to learn about rentable shops.

    | Staff positions Open

    So one thing I've realised over the past year of running this server is that working alone is hard. Like really hard and I know its time to assemble a proper staff team. This time i'm calling on some of the players who've been around the server for a long period of time and who feel they can dedicate time to working on and improving the server alongside me. It's exciting for me to finally get some help and I think the server community will massively benefit from it. The positions I'm opening are:

    - Community Manager
    - Administrator
    - Moderator (x2)

    So any veteran players reading this who would like to apply and who feel they have the free time to dedicate to the server message me in discord or on the forums.

    | Coming up next?

    New features in the pipeline are:
    - Emotes (Cosmetic)
    - Events system
    - Referral system (earn rewards for inviting your friends to the server)
    - Possible Towny??? (will be put to a vote)
    If you've got suggestions for what you'd like to see on the server next don't hesitate to suggest them in the discord group or on the forums.

    Hopefully there's something for everyone in this new update. I'll see you online!

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