Announcement State of the Server | Our Two Year Anniversary!


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Jul 1, 2019

Hi guys, since today (23rd of July 2019) marks the two year anniversary of the server I thought I would do a little appreciation post! Marking a few milestones we have recently hit and thanking the community for playing on GBCraft! We can consider this a sort of "State of the Server". I'll probably be doing these more regularly from now on to keep you guys up to date.

Some Cool Numbers :cool:

> We recently hit 100 Discord members!
> This month so far we have had over 200 unique player joins!
> More that 800 total collective votes for the Server this month
> Over 500 playtime hours recorded just this month!!

On top of those important numbers I'd like to thank everyone for supporting the server and helping make our community as friendly as it is. Whenever new players log on or even returning ones there's always a chorus of welcomes which I really appreciate. It feels great to know we've got a lot of super cool people playing on our server! Remember if you have any friends who play Minecraft be sure to invite them to check us out!

Obviously as this is an important date I'd like to announce some upcoming features (more details will follow in the coming days :))

Upcoming New Features o_O (coming soon)

> New player market with plots for players to rent and build shops on!
> PvP Toggle will make a return!
> Player warp system (players can set warps to their shops, etc.)
> Exciting new Wilderness spawn Design!
> More optimisation tweaks, increased performance, reduced lag.

Further down the Line.... :censored: (implementation will occur a little later down the road)

> Jobs
> Waypoints system
> Mcmmo (back again :p)
> Spleef fun minigame!

Finally, I'd like to welcome all the recent newcomers to the server! We have seen a real influx of new players recently and have had some great growth. So.. Welcome all! Hopefully we can keep this momentum going and grow our community ever further! If you have any questions for me I'm always available on Discord.

That's it for now, more updates will follow of course. Final reminder to get your build contest entries in before the deadline!,

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