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    Alright! It's already time for the September events. There will be many prizes to win during these events.

    | Build Contest

    The theme of this month's build contest will be Futuristic (Buildings / Redstone). Building in teams or solo is allowed. Building in teams will make it so the prize will be shared amongst the team members unless it has been discussed that one of the team members will receive the prize. The winner will be chosen by the server members with the use of a poll. The winning build will be announced on the 25th of September.

    | How to enter

    To submit your build, take some screenshots (default texture pack and no shaders) and post them in the #build_contest tab in discord:


    Ingame name:
    Name of build:

    | Prizes

    First place: $25 Store Credit, 3 Ultimate crate keys & the build will be showcased on the server.
    Second place: $10 Store Credit, $10,000 ingame currency.

    | Top Fisherman

    That's right. You can win prizes by simply fishing! The person with the most amount of fishes caught on the 25th of September will win the appointed prize. To check who's at the top of the leaderboards, check /leaderboards.

    | Prize

    First place: $15,000 ingame currency.

    | Top Miner

    Do you like to mine blocks? This is your lucky day because one of the events has to do something with mining. The person who mines the most blocks will be rewarded! To see how many blocks you've mined, use /stats. To see who has mined the most blocks, use /leaderboards.

    | Prize

    First place: $15,000 ingame currency.

    | Top Voter
    First of all, we'd like to thank everyone for voting for the server. Voting for the server will result in the server appearing higher in server lists. This means more players will be able to find the server. As usual, players will be able to win prizes for the amount of votes! To see who are the topvoters, use /leaderboards or /topvoters.

    | Prizes

    First place: $20 Store Credit
    Second place: $20 Store Credit
    Third place: $20 Store Credit

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