Contest/ Event September Build Contest | August Contest Winner


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Jul 1, 2019
Hi Guys,

Second post in 2 days wow! Two announcements to make today both about build contests!

August Build Contest Winner:cool:

Firstly the winner of last months contest! Last month the build theme was Futuristic:alien:. The votes at the end of the public poll closed at:
  1. Snufs_Jay and Fusion - "House of Fortune" 7 Votes
  2. Outspoken_Gaming - "The Mall of the FUTURE" 5 Votes
  3. Zenodoxus - "Airship" 3 Votes
Congratz to all three for entering! Outspokens mall and Zenodoxus's airship were both incredible! Prizes have been distributed to the winners already. Comment your favourite build down below! (y)I'm also going to leave a picture of the winning build at the bottom of this post! I'm sure Snufs_Jay and/or Fusion will be happy to tp you there if you want to check it out!

September Build Contest:giggle:

So, the theme for this month (on high request) is Medieval/ Fantasy!!!!o_O I Can't wait to see what people produce considering this has been such an anticipated theme! Below is the standard info on how to enter.

How to Enter

To enter the Build Contest join our Discord at the link given above and submit high resolution images of your build to the "Build Contest" Chat channel. (just like last month!!) Near the end of the month all the builds/ entries will be counted up. Official closing date is 27th September.

Submit with this format:
Name (IGN):
Build Name:
Pictures (High Res):

Deciding the Winner

The winner will be decided by a democratic poll in the Discord Channel. Please Note you can't Vote for your own Build like last month. Join the Discord NOW in order to compete!!


Just like last month the winner of the Build Contest will receive a $20 Store Coupon! If you are competing as a group then the prize will be split between you!

Thanks guys, Congratz again to Snufs and Fusion and good luck in this months contest!:D