Announcement Plans for 1.16 | Looking Ahead


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Jul 1, 2019
Hey folks,:cool:

Hope everyone's keeping well. (y)Just wanted to release a little preview of what everyone can expect for the long anticipated 1.16 Server Update. I can't confirm when this will release, just as soon as the plugins and updates are available for the server!

Fully Reset Worlds (including Nether and End)

We're planning a full world reset for the Nether update. That means a completely new fresh map to explore and all the features that come with a world running on 1.16. This obviously will include the Nether and End that will both experience resets. The Nether is perhaps the most exciting as all the changes expected from the 1.16 update will be brought over to the Server.

Fully Reset Economy

Along with the world Reset the Economy will be fully reset as well. Everyone's balance will be reset back to zero.

Overhauled Land Claim System and Clans System in Favour of Towny

We are currently working hard on developing a completely new fresh land claim system. Towny has been suggested and voted on by players and will form the basis for the new land claim system. Players can create their own town or join their friends. We're hoping this will be a new fun replacement for the rarely used clans system and will encourage players to play together, build together and hopefully improve the cooperative elements of the Server

Jobs Feature to be Added

This feature has also been suggested and highly requested by players. Development is ongoing for this as well. We hope this will give players more stuff to do when they are online. By completing daily and weekly tasks they will be able to earn cool rewards such as crate keys, ingame cash and much more!

New Higher Levels added to /Level

Currently Levelling only goes as far as 10. We aim to add more levels, enhance the current prize system with more enticing prizes and add some more, harder to complete requirements to keep levelling balanced and reasonably difficult.

No more AFK Farming

This is perhaps the most controversial change. AFK Farming has led to an imbalance in the Server Economy. After the new refreshed world and economy it will no longer be allowed and there will be measures in place to prevent anyone trying to break the rules. I want to stress that for donor ranks who currently have the benefit of unlimited afk (god), this afk benefit will be replaced with other useful command that have not yet been finalising (have no fear these will be a worthy replacement).

I hope this little outline shines a light on what we've been working on and gets you guys hyped for the approaching BIG update. This is gonna be a massive change to the server for the better and I think it will reinvigorate the playerbase and encourage lots of new players to join!

As always pm me or comment any questions below.