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    Hey guys,

    First an apology, I haven't been active over the past month and a half. Believe it or not I have a life outside of Minecraft! However as we approach Halloween i should have a little more time so hopefully I'll be online a lot more.

    But that's enough from me, let's announce some stuff! (albeit 2 weeks late):

    | September Build Contest Winners

    So last month we tasked you with building a PvP arena for the server. Here are the top 5 entries we received:

    1st Place: Rozzin (again) with "The Shell"
    Prize: x3 Ultimate Keys + $30,000 In-game Currency.

    More building genius from Rozzin, the sheer scale of this design is phenomenal. A lot of attention to detail within the build itself. Huge congratz to Rozzin and the other builders who helped him with this structure!


    2nd Place: redstonepowder with "The Underground"
    Prize: x3 Rare Keys + $20,000 In-game Currency.

    I really like this underground style Arena. Definitely a very practical and well designed PvP zone with lots of different areas for players to fight in and move around. A lot of thought has clearly gone into the build so big congratz to redstonepowder!


    3rd Place: Bot_Beanie with "The Biome Arena"
    Prize: x3 Common Keys + $10,000 In-game Currency.

    This was an interesting and unique design from Bot_Beanie who used different biomes as the theme for different sections of his arena. Well done for this clever idea and also a beautiful arena!


    | PvP Arena

    All three of these designs are excellent and we want all of them to be showcased to players. We are working on a world where all winning builds from build contests will be displayed. For now however only one of these arenas can be used as the main server PvP arena.

    Simply because of its practicality and high arena walls be chose Bot_Beanie's. However, expect to see both redstonepowder's and Rozzin's builds used very soon for server events, (Hint, hint: Halloween).

    The portal at spawn will now teleport you directly to Bot_Beanie's Arena where you can battle for victory against other players! Or use the warp: /warp pvp

    For Next months build contest we want you to build: An amazing treehouse! It can be as small or large as you want, as detailed or minimalist. Grandiose or understated, whatever you wanted. I think this will be a really fun theme. Let me know what you think in the comments! Judging will happen at the end of November. (As we are already half way through October)

    | Top Voters for the Month of September/ October

    Thanks to all voters this month! The winners are:

    1. XRomeoDeltaX with 209 Votes Prize: $25 Store Coupon
    2. redstonepowder with 175 Votes: $20 Store Coupon
    3. TheLegend427 with 101 Votes: $15 Store Coupon
    4. lakritz99 with 96 Votes: $10 Store Coupon
    5. Loodster with 88 Votes: $5 Store Coupon
    Good luck to all voters next month, votes have been reset. As we are already half way through October, I'm going to announce the next top voters at the end of November (like building contest). Winners, DM me on discord/ forums for your discount coupon codes!

    | Top Lumberjack

    The top Lumberjack on the server for the month of September was.. redstonepowder, with an impressive mcmmo level of 298. All prizes will be credited over the next 24 hours!

    Prize: x3 Ultimate Keys and $10,000 in-game currency.

    | Top Miner

    This month we want to see who the top Miner is. The person with the highest McMMo Mining skill at the end of November will be declard the Winner! So... keep mining!

    | Top Donator for the Month of September

    Congratulations to Epazote who was the top Donator for the month of September! He has earned his place within the hall of fame at /warp donor. We are still overwhelmed by the support of our players. There is no way we would be able to stay open without your guys help do a massive thanks for that.

    | Community Stuff

    New features are incoming so look out for them about a week before Halloween, I have a week off for mid-term break and will be working on the server during that time! Until then, congratulations to all winners!
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