Announcement New Donor Perks | Bug Fixes | Top Voters Update


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Jul 1, 2019
Hey guys,

Just a short update for you guys today so I won't waste any time and jump right into it!:):)

New Donor Perks - Disguises

I have added +20 NEW Disguises for donors. These mainly include mobs from recent update (1.13, 1.14, 1.15), that I failed to add before. Make sure to check out the menu with "/disguises" to see if your rank got any new bonus disguises!

New Donor Perks - Particles

I have also overhauled the particles system. To access the particles menu type "/h". I have added new particles for donor ranks and fixed some long standing bugs with some of the older particles. These bugs included capes hiding under the ground and particles glitching/ not following players properly. Make sure to check out the new capes, trails and vortexes!

Bug Fixes:geek:
  • Fixed a bug where deathchests wouldn't spawn properly.
  • Fixed known bugs with particles (see above).
  • Optimised server performance (reduced lag and hiccups).
  • Fixed bug where some votes weren't registering.
  • Fixed some mob spawning bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where menus weren't appearing correctly for players.
  • Fixed known issue with player warps.
  • Fixed bugs involving skull entities in both the player warps menu and leaderboards menu.
Top Voters (Mid Month Update):love:

So far the following players are on track to win the prizes for top monthly voter!

  1. Diamondminermom - 92 Votes
  2. AshtonGrey - 62 Votes
  3. Rabbid_Pinky - 57 Votes
There's plenty of players close behind who could easily take the prize! Remember to keep voting for the Server, its the single most useful thing you can do (for free) that keeps us online and growing!! Thats it for today folks. Information about the PvP Contest is incoming as well so stay tuned!o_O