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    Aug 14, 2018
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    Minecraft Username: AquariusXIII

    Age (13+): 26

    How long have you been playing at GBCraft: A week I believe

    Timezone/ Country: EST USA

    How many staff applications have you made: This would be my first.

    Explain to us with a brief introduction of yourself, why you would make a good moderator/ builder/ developer on the server and the forums including personal qualities, why should we consider you over others: I’ve always had a sense of Justice in my heart ever since I was little. I just want to be recognized as a trustworthy person and to be able to make sure that people have a fun and safe gaming experience. I’m also just tired that no matter what game I’m playing, someone is always going to cause trouble and the admins are never online when it happens. I hate feeling powerless to help not only myself but, also others while they are being: bullied, hacked, greifed, or sabotaged, even with something as simple as spam. Especially when a lot of them look up to me.

    Have you ever been in a staff position before (if so provide details on your experience and what you learned from it): I have, long ago I was a Co-Owner of a Minecraft server and I learned that it is a 24/h Job and you have to keep tabs on people or else your server will collapse in on itself.

    How active can you be on the server and the forums, please provide us with an estimate of how many hours you can contribute during the week and weekends: At least 5 hours a day, at the moment it’s more since I’m not employed but, after that 5-8 hours a day.

    Do you have any past punishments or bans on GBCraft (if so please describe your offences and why it shouldn't affect your application): No Sir

    Any further notes or information about yourself: Loyalty, Compassion, & Imaginative would be my 3 best defining quality’s.

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