Announcement Mid July Update | Two New Ranks | Bug Fixes


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Jul 1, 2019
Hey Guys,

So I'll jump right into this update. We've just launched two new Player Ranks with fun features, permissions and commands. One is an addition to the player rank lineup and the other is a new High Tier Donor Rank! Lets take a look at the new player rank first:



So from that image you can see required stats and the new permissions. Do "/help veteran" in game to learn more and "/rankup" to level up once you meet the criteria. Veteran comes with a new kit, "/kit veteran" which includes diamond enchanted gear and more! I think the purple tag looks really cool and "Veteran" is a fitting title for players that stick around for >50 hours of playtime! A great way to reward our most loyal players!

Now next up is our new Donor Rank.



God marks our most high tier Donor Rank ever only for those that want to go above and beyond supporting our server and funding its continued uptime! It has all new fun rewards and perhaps our coolest Tag and Title ever! If you're considering buying this premium rank or any others visit our Store at . Do "/help god" in game to learn more about the ranks features and commands!

Bug Fixes

Wrapping up this update with a couple of bug fixes.
> We've patched an issue that didn't allow for you to create more than 5 chestshops. That has now increased to an infinite amount!
> PvP toggling issues are currently being fixed
> Server performance has increased dramatically
> A memory leak issue that was causing frequent crashes and reboots has been patched

Remember if you spot a bug to report it to me on Discord or here on the Forums. Also remember to sign up for an account on the forums to join the community discussion and make fun posts about what projects you're working on, who you've made friends with, etc. Finally If you haven't already join our Discord here. Hope you enjoy the new update and see you online!

- Thomas