Announcement Mid August Update | McMMO | Economy Updates | Bug Fixes


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Jul 1, 2019
Hi Guys,

FINALLY getting these patch notes out to you people!:cool: A lot has changed with the Server over the last month and I want to make sure all players are aware of every change made. I've only just finished adjusting everything so please report any bugs or glitches you find. Lets get into everything that has changed!


We now have McMMO back on the server after a short break. I have been tweaking levelling difficulty a good bit but have settled on something that I think is challenging but fun! You can do "/mcmmo" to track your stats and "/help mcmmo" for all different commands. You'll now notice a bar at the top of your screen whenever you progress a skill like mining, woodcutting or acrobatics. This will show how far away you are from the next level. McMMO also adds super abilities like 'super pickaxe' for mining that have a cooldown. As you level up a skill its superability becomes better and better.

Max Level for every skill is 1000. If you die you will also lose 5% of your levels :eek:(added challenge;))

I'm sure most of you know what McMMO is already but you can always read more about McMMO HERE on their wiki if you have any further questions let me know!


Changes have finally been made to Spawners! You can now mine them with the following Percentage Chances of them Dropping:
  • For Default, Member and Trusted 0% chance of drop.
  • For Citizen 10% chance of drop.
  • For Veteran and Above 20% chance of drop.
You can also buy them as limited time items in The OPSHOP and if you're lucky get one from our Crazy Crates! Spawners are now also stackable. So if you have one than one skeleton spawner you can place them on the same block. This is useful if you are designing a grinder or mob farm.

Player Warps

Player Warps are finally here! Use "/pwarp" to access the player warp menu. Each rank can set a different number of player warps which can be checked in the "/rankup" menu. Use "/pwarp set <name>" to create a public warp that all players can tp to! Pretty cool right! We've already got some really cool public warps to player shops, parkours and more and I hope to see many more appearing!

NEW Player Market with Plots!(y)

The Official Player Market is now open for Business! Go to the market with "/warp market". You can now rent a plot for just $1000 a week and build your own shop on top. Fill it with chest shops and sell your items to other players! I'm looking forward to seeing really cool shop designs from you all.

Plots vary in size. You can purchase sizes varying from 8x8 to 10x10 and you can build up to 15 blocks vertically for all shop plots. Renting shops is easy just Right-Click on the sign outside the plot and you can start building. If you want to unrent before your time runs out just stand in your plot and type "/as unrent". More commands can be found by typing "/help rent".

Smaller Gameplay Changes:alien:
  • Phantoms have now been removed from the server by popular demand
  • To compensate for this Phantom Membrane is now available to buy in the Item shop
  • Nether wart has been added to the player shop
  • New OP items have been added to the OPshop including a limited time Spawner, Spawn Eggs, OP tools and more!
  • New items added to DonorShop including rare spawn eggs and music discs!
  • Creepers no longer do block damage
  • The WorldBorder has been adjusted it is now an invisible wall rather than a visible border which looks a lot cleaner.
  • World Sizes remain at 40000x40000 for overworld and 30000x30000 for Nether and The End.
  • Rankup and Level up now requires a certain mcmmo power level. (going along with the addition of mcmmo)
  • PvP toggle is finally fully fixed
  • Some help pages have been changed
  • A new command for Citizen- "/near"- show nearby players
  • A new command for Veteran- "/who" - show who is online, afk and hidden
  • The Spawn Holograms and NPC's have been altered and moved around a bit! (making it more friendly for newbies)
Bug Fixes/ Glitch Fixes:geek:

Just wrapping things up with a few big fixes!
  • Server performance has been increased by pregenning map.
  • Fixed bug where people could claim land in the protected wilderness area
  • Fixed bug where people could build in the pvp arena
  • Fixed bug where people could change spawners with spawn eggs by right-clicking.
Phew that was a (BIG) update. Any questions shoot me a DM on Discord! Hope you enjoy all the new changes. Remember to keep submitting your suggestions in Discord. A lot of these changes were suggested by our very own players and I love that you guys influence what I add next to the server! I won't say much about whats in the works in terms of upcoming features but think.... custom items and maybe a heads shop!;)(oh and some minigames:giggle:)

Thanks Guys,