Contest/ Event June Build Contest | PvP Tournament


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Jul 1, 2019
Hey guys,

Wanted to Announce Two Server Wide Contests/ Events today. But First, just a quick reminder about our recurring Top Monthly Voter Contest. The Top Voters at the end of each month receive store credit to spend on Ranks, Keys, etc. You can check out the prizes and vote links here:
The Top Voters for June will be announced at the end of the month...:giggle:

Now, onto the contest announcements!

June Build Contest - Nature:giggle:

A poll was recently held to decide the theme of this months build contest, for full transparency the result is pictured below:


NATURE was selected by you as the theme of this months contest. I can't wait to see what stuff you guys build. As always when you've completed your build submit it to the relevant discord Channel #buildcontests, with the following template:

IGN (in game name):
Name of Build:
Build Pictures:

The Winner of this months contest will get a $10 Store Voucher + $50,000 Starting Balance when the Server world/economy resets for the 1.16 update plus, the respect of all your peers for creating the best build. The winner is decided by a vote of all members of the server.

PvP Tournament:devilish:

As people are probably aware, the PvP arena gets very little use from people on the Server. So.. to drum up hype around the arena we want to organise a tournament for the middle of the month. The rough date set for this is Saturday 20th of June. It will be run as follows:
  • Anyone who wants to enter send me a DM between now and the event (I will keep reminding people).
  • I will make a list of all people who are going to enter.
  • There will be at least 5 rounds. In each round everyone will fight everyone else.
  • There will be a different kit of weapons/ armour for each round, the kits getting progressively stronger. People will always fight each other with the same kit.
  • You will get 3 points for a win, 0 for a loss.
  • The top 2 people with the most points after the 5 (or more rounds) will face off against each other in the final. The final will consist of three fights with different kits.
  • The winner will get a $20,000 Starting Balance when the server resets + a $5 Store Voucher and the respect of all fighters!
Remember to send me your DMs if you want to fight, I encourage everyone to take part! There will be no threat of losing your inventory or experience it will all be managed by a plugin.
I think this could be a cool and fun, event let me know what you guys think though!

That's it for today. There will be a patch notes post coming up soon just updating you guys on some small changes I have made. Until then get building and practicing your fighting!
-GB :cool: