Contest/ Event July Build Contest Winner!


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Jul 1, 2019

Hi Guys,

So the build contest has been great this month and we saw some really cool builds! It actually ended up as a three way tie :eek: between our contestants:
  1. LolMonkey321- "Modern Beauty" 6 Votes
  2. RemThePet - "The Mines" 6 Votes
  3. Zenodoxus - "High Seas" 6 Votes
Congratz to all three for amazing builds! You can check the Discord for pictures of all three. Unfortunately there can only be one prize winner and as it was a tie a random draw was performed (check discord for screengrab of the draw)

Without further ado the winner is:

First Prize: Zenodoxus ($20 Store Gift Card).:cool:

Thanks to all who took part, a new poll will be posted to determine the August Contest Theme so stay tuned on the Discord here. Zenodoxus can dm me for his prize discount code.

I have attached images of Zenodoxus's Build for all to admire and I'm sure he'll be happy to TP you there if you're on at the same time! :p A follow up announcement will be posted tomorrow which will reveal the TOP VOTERS and TOP DONOR for July!

GB o_O

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