February Update, World Reset, Economy Overhaul

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    Hey Guys,

    It's been four months since the last post on the forums! Thats a long time! So I want to get the server back on track starting with this Update! We've got a bunch of stuff to announce so lets get started!

    | Survival World Reset

    The Biggest change over the last few weeks has been a complete reset of the survival world, this was done for two reasons:
    - A desire by the community to start fresh in a new clean world.
    - Consistent lag problems probably due to corrupted chunks in the old world.

    With this reset its a chance for all our players, both old and new to start from scratch and build better and bigger than before. It also gave us an opportunity to massively redo our economy to create a more balanced and fair experience for all. That all being said server resets will not be a regular occurance and I do not see us resetting again for another 12 months unless there is a massive demand by the community for some reason or another (perhaps 1.13?)

    | Economy Redo, New Shop Layout


    As already stated, the world and economy reset gave us the opportunity to work on rebalancing our economy and also creating a much more intuitive and easy shop menu to use. Mass Selling all your items is now as easy as clicking the middle mouse and you can now select exactly how many blocks or items you wish to buy/sell.

    We've already been getting great feedback from the community on the new shop layout and the new balanced pricing so we hope this will improve the overall gameplay experience going forward! Leave your opinion in the comments below, whether you think we should change some of your pricing? Or is it all good the way it is?

    | General Bug Fixes

    Few small bug fixes:
    ** General reduction in lag
    ** Reconfiguring of Scoreboard plugin for better performance
    ** Fixed a few small permission related bugs

    | Top Voters

    Finally the top voters get the recognition they deserve, as always votes will be reset. Next winners will be announced end of march, since we're half way through february already!
    1. youwilldieto with 763 Votes Prize: $25 Store Coupon
    2. Steven8201 with 561 Votes: $20 Store Coupon
    3. XRomeoDeltaX with 361 Votes: $15 Store Coupon
    4. Thomas1201 with 303 Votes: $10 Store Coupon
    5. 5708alex5708 with 170 Votes: $5 Store Coupon
    Good luck to all the voters next month! Winners shoot me a direct message on discord for your coupon codes!

    | Top Donators

    So we've got a few months to catch up on. Here they are from October to January the top donators were: XRomeoDeltaX, ThePreset, Portal 50 and Xziden! Thanks so much for the support to help us keep the server running and funding new plugin purchases! We wouldn't still be here without the communities continous generous support!

    | New Monthly Events System

    Finally we're excited to announce the new events system! In the past its been quite unclear and chaotic what the events and building contests are each month. Thats why I'm going to be setting up dedicated threads each month explaining the different events and building contests as well as the prizes. Winners will then be announced in that same thread and occasionally featured in these update logs. There will be an events tab above on the website nav bar for easy access to the thread each month. Links will also be posted in the MOTD so every time you log into the server you'll be reminded about currently on-going events.

    We're really excited about this new system and It should give me the opportunity to run lots of different, fun and creative events and building contests each month. It will also give you guys the opportunity to win cool prizes so stay tuned for the Feb/ March Events coming soon. Like the voting, these events will spill over into march!

    Thats all for now guys, Hope you enjoyed Valentines and see you in Spring!
    - Thomas

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