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  1. NetNess_Alex

    Aug 13, 2018
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    Minecraft Username:

    Age (13+):


    How long have you been playing at GBCraft:

    around a year and a half

    Timezone/ Country:

    CDT america

    How many staff applications have you made:

    this is my first one

    Explain to us with a brief introduction of yourself, why you would make a good moderator/ builder/ developer on the server and the forums including personal qualities, why should we consider you over others:

    I'm Alex, and I own a town on your server, I spend most of my time on your server building up said town. I think that I would be a good builder for your server because I'm good with small and mega builds, and I'm able to build around mostly anything that might be a problem. I'm on the server a lot as well

    Have you ever been in a staff position before (if so provide details on your experience and what you learned from it):

    I have never been staff on a server, but I hope that this will be my first!

    How active can you be on the server and the forums, please provide us with an estimate of how many hours you can contribute during the week and weekends:

    I'll most likely be on 40 hours a week (around 5-6 hours a day), and I cant get on when its the weekends

    Do you have any past punishments or bans on GBCraft (if so please describe your offences and why it shouldn't affect your application):
    I have never been ban from the server

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