Back to School Update, Chest Shops, Bug Fixes, Warps

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    Hey guys,

    Can't believe its been just over a month since launch. If you're like me you're preparing to go back to classes after Summer. Lets jump right into the update!

    | Chest Shops

    Our biggest additional feature with this update is player chest shops, which has been long requested, almost since launch.
    Now each player can create their own market place and sell blocks and items to other players. Use /help shop to learn more about how to create your own personal chest shop. And also check out the GUI help menu under the /shop main menu.

    Make sure you have the item your selling in your hand then type /shop create <quantity> <buyprice> <sellprice> then click the chest you want to make into a shop. Fill the chest with the item.

    To remove a shop type /shop remove.

    When you create a shop a hologram will appear enough showing you the merchant, item being sold, and its price. You can sell things to others with a <buyprice> or allow people to sell blocks and items to you for a set <sellprice>. If you dont want to offer a sell price set it to 0.


    | Marketplace and Rentable Shop Plots

    We are currently working on adding a marketplace with shop plots that players can rent and set up their chest shops in. In the meantime you are able to create chest shops wherever you want and create a public warps which players can teleport to and browse your shop.

    The marketplace should be completed in the next week.

    | Public Warps

    Players, as long as they are member rank or higher, are now able to create 1 public warp, citizens are able to set 2.This allows players to set up warps to their towns, shops and builds letting players and new members explore different areas of the server.

    Use /setwarp <name> to set a public warp. /delwarp <name> to delete and /warplist to list all public warps. Obviously you use /warp <name> to teleport to specified warp.

    | Bug Fixes

    We have a few general bug fixes:
    • Fixed issue where {item} with an enchanted item failed to show enchant
    • Fixed spawner issue where only pig spawner could be placed.
    • General optimisations to server performance
    • Upgrade of server hardware to 4GB of ram. Has reduced crashes to nill.

    | General Community Announcements

    Just a few short messages. Firstly a timeline for future updates:
    1. Early September: Rentable Shop Plots and Marketplace
    2. Mid-Late September: Custom Enchants and Potions
    3. Early October: Level Up System & Leaderboards
    4. Late October: PvP overhaul, PvP Arena and minigames
    5. November: New Pets taming System.
    Thats just a rough guideline of whats on the horizon. On the 1st of September Ill also be announcing the winners of the August events. The top 5 voters, building competition winners and Top Tamer on the server!

    This is your last chance to enter the building contest so please dm the co-ords of your build before the 30th of August. That is the deadline for entries.

    I'll also be announcing a staff appointment on the 1st September.

    I should also mention that as we enter the new term I enter my final year. I have important exams approaching at the end of this year so during the weekdays expect to see me only occasionally however on the weekends I'll be on for an hour or two. This should not interrupt the pace of new features being released too drastically but I'll keep you guys updated on the situation. In the meantime enjoy the Back to School Update!

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    Omg yes!! Thank you for the new update <3
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    Sounds great!

    I was wondering if I could help building the marketplace. I got much sparetime this week to spend on building it, plus it will be a nice project for me.
    Please let me know soon.

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