August Update, New Crates, Bug Fixes and More!

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    Hiya guys,

    Its been about a week since our last update so time for some new features, In the August update I've focused on ironing out a lot of bugs, also we are announcing new crates and some cool August events for you to compete in!

    | New Crates

    Firstly we are proud to officially announce the new line of crates: Classic, Rare and Ultimate. I know a lot of you have seen these in spawn however we have been ironing out a number of bugs and are now happy to release to you guys offically. You can gain keys for these new crates in the server Donor Store, In vote crates and by winning Events (more on those later!) You can see the prize line-up below!



    | McMMO Globabl XP Boosters

    We are announcing the release of our McMMO Global XP Boosters. Each booster will double mcmmo xp earned for one hour. You can earn these boosters through the donation Store, or by winning them in crates! When a booster activates it effects everyones XP not just your own allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits as a community!

    We are still doing final testing and the boosters will be available soon after the posting of this update log.

    | Bug Fixes

    We have ironed out a number of bugs and implemented both permanent and temporary solutions to a number of problems:
    • Fixed Bug where only pig spawners could be placed. Spawners now come with spawn eggs, right click on pig spawner with egg to convert. This is only a temporary fix, there will be a more permanent solution soon.
    • Fixed server crashing problems by implementing a clearlag system and an auto restart system. If the server goes down unexpectedly it will now auto restart taking about 40-60 seconds.
    • Made general server performance fixes.
    • Fixed bug where if u had the exact amount of money as an item cost in the store your balance would not be reduced..
    • Fixed potions in kits and opshop.
    • Added broadcast messages for donations.
    | August Events

    We are running a number of fun events for the month of August. Winners of events will be awarded prizes for their efforts and dedication!

    | Top 5 Voters of the Month

    A quick reminder of our voting competition. The top 5 voters at the end of august will receive store coupons. Check our earlier post on that for further details on prizes. You can check your standing on the server with /sv top. Thanks for all the voting support so far! It really helps our community grow!

    | JPanda's Building Competition

    JPanda, our server moderator is running a building a survival building competition all throughout August. You can check out his thread here for prize details. To enter create any build you can think of, no theme for our first contest. We want to see high levels of detail, decoration and functionality, this is a survival server after all. Remember to be creative! You can then post pictures on JPanda's thread and DM me or Panda on Discord or Forums with the co-ords of your build. Judging will begin late August so get Building! Winners to be announced early September!

    | The Best Tamer on the Server

    We want to see who is the best server tamer! The person with the highest mcmmo taming level at the end of August will win the grand prize of x3 Ultimate Keys and $10,000 in ingame cash! Good luck in taming your beasts. Check /mctop taming for your ranking!

    | Community Announcements

    To finish off we have a couple of community announcements. Firstly, the amount of support we have received from donors so far has been overwhelming and we have already smashed our community goal after just one week of the store opening! This will allow us to develop new custom plugins, features, pay for hosting cost and improve the server even more!

    | Top July Donor

    Congratulations to Lizard___ for being July's top Donator. She has earned her place in the hall of fame. Do /warp donor to see the hall. Your continued support allows us to keep the server running, so thank you again! You could be August's top donor. Check our our store here.

    | Staff Appointments

    Also we have two new staff announcements. Congratulations to n1cey (one of our most loyal and helpful members) for being promoted to Moderator. N1cey will become our second server Moderator and we ask you to please join us in congratulating him. Thanks to all the other applicants, we are still hiring and I will be picking more mods soon so don't lose hope! I am proud of the very strong, helpful community that we are building.

    Last, but not least we are offically appointing nate56788 as our first Server Developer. You can expect to see Nate online testing new plugins for the server and making your experience even better! A big congratulations to both our new staff members!

    Thanks everyone for the continued support! More updates coming very soon!


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