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    Welcome to the August Events thread! This month we're running a building contest and a bunch of "Top of the Leaderboards" contests as well. Read on for the details!

    (competition 1)
    | Building Contest

    This Month the building contest theme is "Nature". Build anything you want based around that theme, You can build solo or in teams, but remember if you build in teams you'll be sharing the Reward! You can post pictures of your submissions in the "#build_contest" discussion on our discord here:

    The winner will be decided by the staff team and members of the server. You'll have the opportunity to vote for your favourite build in the discord later this month!

    How to Enter:

    You have until the 25th of August to Submit your Build either by posting a picture of the build in the "#build_contest" discussion on discord or submitting screenshots in the comments below this post!

    When posting to the "#build_contest" chat in discord or in the comments below follow this format:

    Name of Build:

    Best of Luck!!!

    | Prize

    First Place: $20 Store Credit, 5 Ultimate Keys, Build Showcased on the Server
    Second Place: $10 Store Credit, 5 Rare Keys.

    (Additional Paypal prizes may be added later this month depending on funds)

    (competition 2)

    | Top Earner

    This month we are running a contest to see who the best money maker on the Server is. The person to accumulate the most IG cash this month will win! Use /leaderboards or more specifically /topbalance to see which player is currently at the top!

    | Prize

    First place: 3 Ultimate Keys, $10000 IG Currency.

    (competition 3)
    | Top Warrior

    This will be the person who slays the most mobs during the month. Who's the best PvE'er on the server?? We'll find out. You can check where you are on the leaderboards with /leaderboards or /topmobkills

    | Prize

    First Place: 3 Ultimate Keys, $10000 IG Currency.

    (competition 4)
    | Top Voters

    As always, the top three voters will all receive store credit. Voting is very important for the server as it helps our community grow and gets new members online. Thanks to those of you who take the time to vote for us with /vote. We really appreciate it. You can check where you are on the leaderboard with /leaderboards or /topvoters.

    | Prize

    First Place: $20 Store Credit
    Second Place: $20 Store Credit
    Third Place: $20 Store Credit

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