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    Hiya guys,

    I know its only been a day or two since the back to school update but I'm here to bring you winners of the August Top Voter Competition, Creative Building Competition, the Servers Top Tamer and the Top Donator.

    | Building Contest Winners

    There are Three Winners of our Creative Building Competition this month. We told you to build anything and we received many entries. Thanks to all the competitiors, without further ado here are the winning builds:

    1st Place: Rozzin with his "Grand Cathedral"
    Prize: x3 Ultimate Keys + $30,000 in-game currency.

    This build simply blew us away, tucked high up in the mountains it looks absolutely stunning. Little details like the stained glass really make this build amazing. Rozzin, you should be very proud and I can't wait to see more work from you!


    2nd Place: lakritz99 with his "Medieval Fortress"
    Prize: x3 Rare Keys + $20,000 in-game currency.

    This was build into a forest and fits perfectly into its surroundings. The detail of the castle walls is excellent. Good choice of build materials as well. Well done Lakritz99!


    3rd Place: Galalie with her "Old Town"
    Prize: x3 Classic Keys + $10,000 in-game currency.

    We loved the functionality of this build as it acts also as a base. The buildings have a lot of detail and the farms fit naturally into the landscape. Just shows you can have a functional base that still looks pretty!


    All winners have been credited their prizes. So what is next months building competition? We want you guys to build a pvp arena for us! The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will remain the same as this contest however the winning build will become the servers pvp Arena in the upcoming pvp update!

    So what are we looking for. Basically any style of pvp arena but a natural style will most likely look the best for our survival server. It also needs to be enclosed in someway, whether that be the walls of a castle or natural mountains surrounding a valley its up to you! Looking forward to seeing what you create (especially you Rozzin :p) Good luck to all, the winner of this next contest will also be considered for the role of Server Builder!

    More details released soon. Building contest closes at the end of September.

    | Top Voters for the Month of August

    Thanks for all the votes for the server this month. Your support helps us to grow our community and get more new members online. The top 5 voters this month and their respective prizes are:

    1. n1cey with 231 Votes Prize: $50 Store Coupon
    2. Bot_Beanie with 198 Votes: $40 Store Coupon
    3. lakritz99 with 185 Votes: $30 Store Coupon
    4. Loodster with 122 Votes: $20 Store Coupon
    5. HURTZKE with 104 Votes: $10 Store Coupon
    Can the winners please DM me on the forums or on Discord for their Coupon Codes! ASAP Thanks to all voters! Good luck to everyone for the month of September. Votes have been reset and the competition starts again!

    Disclaimer: the next contest may feature slightly lower prizes, we are experimenting with different rewards. As this was our first month we wanted to give big prizes for early adopters however as we are a smaller server the prizes are large to give every month so they will probably be reduced slightly.

    | Top Tamer on the Server

    At the start of the month we announced a competition to see who was the best tamer on the server (had the highest taming mcmmo rank). The winner of that competition was Bot_Beanie. Congratulations to him with an mcmmo lvl of 126. The money and keys have been credited to your account!

    Prize: x3 Ultimate Keys and $10,000 in-game currency.

    | Top Lumberjack?

    This month we are seeing who the best lumberjack is on the server. That's right, the Person with the highest Woodcutting McMMO level at the end of September will win x3 Ultimate Keys and $20,000 in-game currency, so Get Chopping!

    | Top Donator for the Month of August

    This month Hexagonisation becomes a member of the Hall of Fame at /warp donor, for being the top Donator of August. A massive thanks to Hex, The support has been overwhelming and will allow us to continue our growth. Will you join the Hall of Fame next month?

    Huge thanks to all other donators as well. We are currently raising money for paid advertising which will assist the speedy growth of our Community.

    | Community Announcements

    Just a quick update on new features incoming. Rentable plots for shops are very close to completion I estimate next weekend they will be launched in full so stay tuned for the release of those.

    You can refer to the Back to School Update for a full timeline of upcoming features.

    Also the NETHER AND END WILL BE RESET @ 8PM GMT ON SUNDAY THE THIRD OF SEPTEMBER. Please remove all valuables within that time-frame. We are not responsible for any lost items. These are resource worlds anyway and you should not have big bases, etc.

    Talk to you soon guys, and congratulations to all Competition Winners Again!

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    :eek: Wowowow. That’s all I can say. Blushing real hard and so honored to be among the other winners! So much building talent and I’m stoked to see what everyone creates next! :D Thank you, Thomas — also want to thank Hex for all his support.

    <3 Rozzin
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    Congrats to the winners and the partipants, that was fun!

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