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    Minecraft Username: Zenoired

    Age (13+): 13

    How long have you been playing at GBCraft: About 8 months or so.

    Timezone/ Country: EST America.

    How many staff applications have you made: Only 1 on a different server, but I've applied for moderator on a Gmod server and some other games.

    Explain to us with a brief introduction of yourself, why you would make a good moderator/ builder/ developer on the server and the forums including personal qualities, why should we consider you over others: I would make a good moderator because, I have griefer sense. I can predict when a griefer will strike, (Example: Yesterday.).

    Have you ever been in a staff position before (if so provide details on your experience and what you learned from it): I've owned a few discord servers, I've also been staff on other games. But, they weren't really "moderator" jobs where I could kick or ban. What did I learn? the responsibilities of kicking and banning users.

    How active can you be on the server and the forums, please provide us with an estimate of how many hours: I can be on pretty much any time from 3pm (EST) to maybe 10pm if I decide to go to sleep that early. So up to maybe 35 hours a week. I can pretty much be on any time during a weekend (Unless I'm just not home.). you can contribute during the week and weekends: Indeed.

    Do you have any past punishments or bans on GBCraft (if so please describe your offences and why it shouldn't affect your application): Yes, I've been banned for griefing. It shouldn't affect this application because it was to a friend who indirectly killed me before this and it wasn't a huge grief. All I did was kill his animals and destroy his crops (Also the tree *Vietnam flashbacks*).

    Any further notes or information about yourself: Noot noot.

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