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Jul 1, 2019
Hello all,

I posted a brief message on Discord announcing our update to 1.16 and all the changes that came with that! Now I'd like to post a full changelog of everything that has been added, patched or changed!

3 Years of GBCraft:love:

Its incredible that the Server has been around for Three Years now! In that time we've built a great small community, seen people come and go as well but Its been a real pleasure to be part of such a friendly and helpful group of people! There's lots more to come as well so here's to the future of the Server!

A Fresh New World

The overworld has been reset along with the nether and the end. Since the server has been updated to 1.16 that means the New Nether benefits from all the changes that 1.16 brought including new environments, mobs and blocks!


We've released a new online Dynamic Map that now shows a fully 3D Live Rendered map of the overworld. It also shows the worldborder perimeter and towny borders for the various server towns. Theres a link in the website navigation bar above titled "maps" or just click here to check it out.


The Land claiming system has been overhauled completely. Gone is the claim blocks system and region defining. Now we have Towny a better way to work with your friends and create a joint community. There's a new towny menu to show all your stats accessible from the main menu or with the command "/townygui".

You can create your own town or join someone elses the choice is up to you. Towny is perhaps more complex than our original system but it also has a lot more depth which I hope will deepen the servers current gameplay. Within your town you can create shop plots, jails, farms, banks. You can create outposts around the map seperate from your town and much much more! The learning curve will take a little bit to go over but there is various online guides that explain the commands in more detail.

A full command list can be found here with explanations for the various commands:

A more in depth explanation guide can be found here:

Whats Next?:unsure:

We've got a few things still in the works right now. A jobs system still has to be added to the server. Additionally we have to make some changes to Donor Disguises and Pets to accommodate the new mobs. Additionally some new nether items will need to be added to the ingame shop. Finally there's plenty of bug fixing still to do as well so if you find any bugs please let us know!

I hope you guys enjoy the new features this update brings! Any questions just shoot me a message on discord. Stay tuned on the discord and forums as I'll be dropping some **new event details soon** including voter contest and a Build Contest! (Yes these will still be happening).

Talk soon,