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  1. Thomas

    Official Claiming Premium Rank on Forums/Discord

    Thanks REDB1RD92, sorry it took a while but you now have appropriate rank on Discord and Forums!
  2. Thomas

    Announcement Darklands Launch | 1.16.2 Support | Top Donor

    Hey Guys, Yesterday I released the next major patch for the Server, it included 1.16.2 Support (though I'm still waiting on paper to update so I can do an actual update, rather than just support the client). It also included various plugin updates, bug fixes and the biggest Feature the New...
  3. Thomas

    Contest/ Event August Build Contest | August Top Voters

    Hi guys, This post is to announce the full details of the August Build Contest and August Top Voters Contest. Firstly I'd like to announce the winners of the July Top Voters Contest July Top Voters:cool: 1. Rabbid Pinky - $20 Store Code 2. Diamondminermom - $10 Store Code 3. AshtonGrey - $5...
  4. Thomas

    Announcement 3 Years of GBCraft | A Fresh New World! | 1.16 | Towny | Dynmap

    Hello all, I posted a brief message on Discord announcing our update to 1.16 and all the changes that came with that! Now I'd like to post a full changelog of everything that has been added, patched or changed! 3 Years of GBCraft:love: Its incredible that the Server has been around for Three...
  5. Thomas

    Announcement New Donor Perks | Bug Fixes | Top Voters Update

    Hey guys, Just a short update for you guys today so I won't waste any time and jump right into it!:):) New Donor Perks - Disguises I have added +20 NEW Disguises for donors. These mainly include mobs from recent update (1.13, 1.14, 1.15), that I failed to add before. Make sure to check out...
  6. Thomas

    Contest/ Event June Build Contest | PvP Tournament

    Hey guys, Wanted to Announce Two Server Wide Contests/ Events today. But First, just a quick reminder about our recurring Top Monthly Voter Contest. The Top Voters at the end of each month receive store credit to spend on Ranks, Keys, etc. You can check out the prizes and vote links here...
  7. Thomas

    Official [Guide] Getting started.

    Thanks for the guide Notekri! :)
  8. Thomas

    Announcement Plans for 1.16 | Looking Ahead

    Hey folks,:cool: Hope everyone's keeping well. (y)Just wanted to release a little preview of what everyone can expect for the long anticipated 1.16 Server Update. I can't confirm when this will release, just as soon as the plugins and updates are available for the server! Fully Reset Worlds...
  9. Thomas

    Announcement Updated Discord | Patch Notes

    Hey Guys,:cool: Hope you're all keeping well. Just a few notes from me today relating to some changes that have been made to the Server and The Discord recently as well as our plans for the future. Most of this information is also over on the Discord in the #announcements channel. Also I'd like...
  10. Thomas

    Announcement Spring Update | 1.15.2 | We're Back Online!

    Hi Guys, The Server is back up and running again after our period of downtime, fully updated to Minecraft Version 1.15.2. Please note you can now only connect when you're running the latest client. Yesterday I officially announced it on the Discord but I am also going to post the full Changelog...
  11. Thomas

    Contest/ Event September Build Contest | August Contest Winner

    Hi Guys, Second post in 2 days wow! Two announcements to make today both about build contests! August Build Contest Winner:cool: Firstly the winner of last months contest! Last month the build theme was Futuristic:alien:. The votes at the end of the public poll closed at: Snufs_Jay and...
  12. Thomas

    Official Top Voters and Donor for August!

    Hi Guys! :p Well its officially back to school time so happy September! We had a great month of August, more players, votes and support than any other month this year! September is shaping up to be very exciting I am going to be announcing more contests and features soon. Lets jump into...
  13. Thomas

    Announcement Spleef Minigame | Nether & End Reset | New Auto Reboots | Old World Download Available

    Hi Guys :cool: Just a quick update about some new features and changes that have been made. I'll jump right in. New Spleef Minigameo_O A new minigame has been added- Spleef, with four modes NORMAL, TWO V TWO, BOW and SPLEGG. You can open the spleef GUI and join a lobby by typing "/spleef" or...
  14. Thomas

    Announcement Mid August Update | McMMO | Economy Updates | Bug Fixes

    Hi Guys, FINALLY getting these patch notes out to you people!:cool: A lot has changed with the Server over the last month and I want to make sure all players are aware of every change made. I've only just finished adjusting everything so please report any bugs or glitches you find. Lets get...
  15. Thomas

    Contest/ Event August Build Contest

    Hey Guys!:cool: Sorry I'm late officially announcing this contest on the forums. I'm aware it has been live for a while by Discord Announcement. A very close poll decided the theme of this months build contest. It came down to almost a direct tie between medieval and futuristic. In the end it...
  16. Thomas

    Official Top Voters and Donor for July!

    Hi Guys,:alien: Happy August!! I'll jump straight into it today. The top voters for the Month of July are as follows: :love: JustBilly123 - 97 Votes - $20 Store Credit Villee - 91 Votes - $10 Store Credit Zenodoxus - 86 Votes - $5 Store Credit Congratz to the winners and thanks to everyone...
  17. Thomas

    Contest/ Event July Build Contest Winner!

    Hi Guys, So the build contest has been great this month and we saw some really cool builds! It actually ended up as a three way tie :eek: between our contestants: LolMonkey321- "Modern Beauty" 6 Votes RemThePet - "The Mines" 6 Votes Zenodoxus - "High Seas" 6 Votes Congratz to all three for...
  18. Thomas

    Announcement State of the Server | Our Two Year Anniversary!

    Hi guys, since today (23rd of July 2019) marks the two year anniversary of the server I thought I would do a little appreciation post! Marking a few milestones we have recently hit and thanking the community for playing on GBCraft! We can consider this a sort of "State of the Server". I'll...
  19. Thomas

    Official Staff Application Template

    Staff Application Template If you would like to apply for the position of Moderator create a post in the "Staff Applications" forum (Link Here) with the following template: In Game Name: Discord Tag: Age: How long have you been playing on GBCraft: Previous Server Staff Experience (if yes...
  20. Thomas

    Announcement Mid July Update | Two New Ranks | Bug Fixes

    Hey Guys, So I'll jump right into this update. We've just launched two new Player Ranks with fun features, permissions and commands. One is an addition to the player rank lineup and the other is a new High Tier Donor Rank! Lets take a look at the new player rank first: VETERAN So from that...