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  8. steven trull
    steven trull Thomas
    i sent you message earlier disregard that i fixed it by sign ing out then back in
  9. steven trull
    steven trull
    nevermind i fixed it
  10. redstonepowder
    redstonepowder Thomas
    Game, I would like to redeem my 20$ coupon for the highest rank that It can afford.
  11. redstonepowder
    redstonepowder Thomas
    Game, I would like to register my build for the September Contest.
    The coordinates are x -522 y -50
    The majority of the build is underground (I wasn't able to finish the entirety of my build in time)
    When you arrive in the area, look for a river and follow it uphill, you will see a waterfall and a cave next to it. That is the entrance.
    I have dubbed this build "The Underground"
    Thank you for your attention.
  12. M123_9_8
    M123_9_8 Thomas
    Hey game, I have to report 3 people, Toasty_Ghost was on September 15th and if you like at the private msgs between him and I, you will see that he admitted to hacking. Second thing, when I came on, I saw Rocky... griefing my stuff, he took down and destroyed my entire sugarcane farm without replanting.
  13. TheEpicBlock10
    TheEpicBlock10 Thomas
    Hey game please can you tell everyone on the server that i will probably never be able to come on the server again. My parents found my PC and i had been going on it behind their back and they have found it. I will probably not ever come on again. I have had a great time playing and you are a great owner. It would help if you could pass my message on for me. Thank you and goodbye.
    1. M123_9_8
      so sorry...
      Sep 19, 2017
    HURTZKE Thomas
    Hey game this is hurt um can I get me $10 coupon code?
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  17. Galalie
    Hello! Just joined the server and the website, I love to build, design and create something amazing! Hope to get to know you all more! <3
  18. Userosus
  19. Thomas
    Thomas TheEpicBlock10
    Hey Epic, no prob, no updates so far but ill let u know when i launch the next one! Im actually away till thur-sunday but ill pop online every now and then, still working on new updates, cya soon man!
  20. TheEpicBlock10
    TheEpicBlock10 Thomas
    Hi Thomas
    I'm in Sicilia right now and I won't be back till Tuesday or Wednesday so please can u keep me updated with what's gone on. See ya soon.