Announcement Spleef Minigame | Nether & End Reset | New Auto Reboots | Old World Download Available

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Hi Guys :cool:

Just a quick update about some new features and changes that have been made. I'll jump right in.

New Spleef Minigameo_O

A new minigame has been added- Spleef, with four modes NORMAL, TWO V TWO, BOW and SPLEGG. You can open the spleef GUI and join a lobby by typing "/spleef" or right-click on the NPC in Spawn beside the PvP Arena Portal. You can play with a minimum of two players (1v1) and a maximum of 4. We hope you enjoy this new fun mode! If you've anymore minigame ideas let us know on the Discord.


Nether and End Reset

The Nether and End resource worlds have been reset. This will occur periodically every 2-3 months to allow fresh resources such as Spawners, Elytras, etc. to regenerate. Nether and End resets will always be announced well before the event actually occurred. The date and time of this most recent reset was 26/08/2019 at 18:00 GMT.

Auto Reboots(y)

Just a quick note to say the server now auto reboots every 6 hours. Warning announcements are given 10 minutes before, 5 minutes before, 1 minute before and in the seconds leading up to the reboot. This is being done to ensure performance on the server remains excellent and will also prevent unwanted or random crashes which have resulted in people dying or in blocks "rolling back". The reboot takes no longer than 3 minutes when it occurs and the server will be back up and running as normal with NO rollback of progress or stats.

Old World Download Available

Finally just a quick note to say the old Server Legacy world is available to download for a limited time (About 5 days left on the clock at the time of this update post going out).
Follow the link here to get the download. It is quite a large file (over 5GB) so might take some time. This has been highly requested for quite some time so I'm glad to finally get it out...

Announcement Mid August Update | McMMO | Economy Updates | Bug Fixes

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Hi Guys,

FINALLY getting these patch notes out to you people!:cool: A lot has changed with the Server over the last month and I want to make sure all players are aware of every change made. I've only just finished adjusting everything so please report any bugs or glitches you find. Lets get into everything that has changed!


We now have McMMO back on the server after a short break. I have been tweaking levelling difficulty a good bit but have settled on something that I think is challenging but fun! You can do "/mcmmo" to track your stats and "/help mcmmo" for all different commands. You'll now notice a bar at the top of your screen whenever you progress a skill like mining, woodcutting or acrobatics. This will show how far away you are from the next level. McMMO also adds super abilities like 'super pickaxe' for mining that have a cooldown. As you level up a skill its superability becomes better and better.

Max Level for every skill is 1000. If you die you will also lose 5% of your levels :eek:(added challenge;))

I'm sure most of you know what McMMO is already but you can always read more about McMMO HERE on their wiki if you have any further questions let me know!


Changes have finally been made to Spawners! You can now mine them with the following Percentage Chances of them Dropping:
  • For Default, Member and Trusted 0% chance of drop.
  • For Citizen 10% chance of drop.
  • For Veteran and Above 20% chance of drop.
You can also buy them as limited time items in The OPSHOP and if you're lucky get one from our Crazy Crates! Spawners are now also stackable. So if you...

Contest/ Event August Build Contest

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Hey Guys!:cool:

Sorry I'm late officially announcing this contest on the forums. I'm aware it has been live for a while by Discord Announcement. A very close poll decided the theme of this months build contest. It came down to almost a direct tie between medieval and futuristic. In the end it was Futuristico_O that became August's build theme! So big skyscrapers, space ships:alien:, futuristic helicarriers and floating buildings!! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

But... as it was so close I have decided to guarantee (for those that wanted medieval/fantasy) that the September theme will be Medieval/Fantasy!! If you want a say in contest themes in the future join the conversation on the discord here.

How to Enter

To enter the Build Contest join our Discord at the link given above and submit high resolution images of your build to the "Build Contest" Chat channel. (just like last month!!) Near the end of the month all the builds/ entries will be counted up. Official closing date is 27th August.

Submit with this format:
Name (IGN):
Build Name:
Pictures (High Res):

Deciding the Winner

The winner will be decided by a democratic poll in the Discord Channel. Please Note you can't Vote for your own Build like last month. Join the Discord NOW in order to compete!!


Just like last month the winner of the Build Contest will receive a $20 Store Coupon! :eek:It should be fun to see all of your builds this month! I expect far more entries considering how many new members we now have playing on the server. Please comment below if you're going to Enter! Any question ping me a dm on discord or the forums.



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