Announcement Darklands Launch | 1.16.2 Support | Top Donor

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Hey Guys,

Yesterday I released the next major patch for the Server, it included 1.16.2 Support (though I'm still waiting on paper to update so I can do an actual update, rather than just support the client). It also included various plugin updates, bug fixes and the biggest Feature the New Darklands Resource World! I also want to take this opportunity to thank our past few monthly Top Donors that I never actually gave credit to! Lets jump right in with more details:

1.16.2 Support :cool:

The Server now supports 1.16.2 Clients though some work still needs to be done to actually run the server on 1.16.2

The Darklands :censored:

The Darklands can be accessed from a Portal in the Wilderness Spawn. Do "/warp darklands" to teleport to the Portal.

If you want information or help about the Darklands type "/darklands" in game to open up a gui menu with basic information about how the world functions. In summary the Darklands is a hardcore world with permanent night and certain blocked commands for added challenge. Your rewards for exploring a more dangerous environment are more temples, mansions, villages and other structures. There is also much increased Biome Variety and lots of Biomes close together. This makes resources more plentiful!

The Darklands is a world for you if you are looking for a higher level of difficulty and higher tier loot!!

Recent Monthly Top Donors :love:

I used to regularly publicly announce the top donor of each month and recognise their contribution to keeping the Server Running! Without our donors I would never still be here 3 years later so we have them to thank for helping the server to survive and thrive! This post is to recognise the last few months of top donors, I also intend to announce future top donors on a monthly Basis once again. All the Top Donors are available to...

Contest/ Event August Build Contest | August Top Voters

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Hi guys,

This post is to announce the full details of the August Build Contest and August Top Voters Contest. Firstly I'd like to announce the winners of the July Top Voters Contest

July Top Voters:cool:

1. Rabbid Pinky - $20 Store Code
2. Diamondminermom - $10 Store Code
3. AshtonGrey - $5 Store Code

Please contact me for your prizes! Thanks so much for voting for the server. It really helps us to get new players online and continue growing our community! If you haven't voted much before please consider doing so now, remember you have a chance to win some really cool prizes!

August Top Voterso_O

This contest will be run as last month except Rabbid Pinky and Diamondminermom have asked to be left out of future contests. But they will continue to vote for the Server! So the prizes will go to the top three voters EXCLUDING rabbid pinky and diamondminermom. Thanks guys for your continued voting and generosity to waive your rewards. :):)

August Build Contest:eek:

Here are the rules and details for the August Build Contest.

  • The theme this month is anything you can think of. I decided to make this a general build contest as its the first one since the update. Build a castle, a spaceship, the choice is yours!
  • It must be entered as a joint effort by your Town. Its a towns vs. towns contest!
  • Submit your build to the relevant discord Channel #buildcontests, with the following template:

    IGN (in game name):
    Name of Build:

    Build Pictures:
  • The prize for the winner will consist of $30000 dollars for your town bank (allowing for great expansion) + 100 Towny Plots for your Town! Additional prizes may be added later!
  • The winner will be decided by vote. Each town will have one vote to cast in...

Announcement 3 Years of GBCraft | A Fresh New World! | 1.16 | Towny | Dynmap

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Hello all,

I posted a brief message on Discord announcing our update to 1.16 and all the changes that came with that! Now I'd like to post a full changelog of everything that has been added, patched or changed!

3 Years of GBCraft:love:

Its incredible that the Server has been around for Three Years now! In that time we've built a great small community, seen people come and go as well but Its been a real pleasure to be part of such a friendly and helpful group of people! There's lots more to come as well so here's to the future of the Server!

A Fresh New World

The overworld has been reset along with the nether and the end. Since the server has been updated to 1.16 that means the New Nether benefits from all the changes that 1.16 brought including new environments, mobs and blocks!


We've released a new online Dynamic Map that now shows a fully 3D Live Rendered map of the overworld. It also shows the worldborder perimeter and towny borders for the various server towns. Theres a link in the website navigation bar above titled "maps" or just click here to check it out.


The Land claiming system has been overhauled completely. Gone is the claim blocks system and region defining. Now we have Towny a better way to work with your friends and create a joint community. There's a new towny menu to show all your stats accessible from the main menu or with the command "/townygui".

You can create your own town or join someone elses the choice is up to you. Towny is perhaps more complex than our original system but it also has a lot more depth which I hope will deepen the servers current gameplay. Within your town you can create shop plots, jails, farms, banks. You can create outposts around the map seperate...


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