GBCraft Survival Minecraft

Hey Guys,

Just a quick update to let you know about some recent bug fixes, the top voters for July and the sale now on, on our server store. Also check out our new cool banner!


| Top Voters

Thanks to all the members who voted for us this month, it really helps our community to keep growing bigger and better. The top voters this month are:

1. youwilldieto $15 Store Credit
2. 1Key $15 Store Credit
3. Reazreal $15 Store Credit.

Good luck next month, prizes have been increased to $20 of store credit! Huge congratulations to this months winners!

| Small Bug Fixes/ Changes

Over the last month we've been working hard to iron out any small bugs the server has experienced. Here's a list of small changes and bug fixes.

- Fixed error where votes weren't registering to leaderboards system.
- Fixed error with levelup system, now fully operational.
- Small tweaks made to server crate system.
- Fixed placeholder bugs where votes weren't appearing on player menu.
- Altered menu layout slightly.
- Made some small tweaks to donor packages.
- Changed the aesthetic of TAB menu. Full ranks no longer shown (thought it looked a bit messy)
- Added new kit for new players known as /kit adventurer, redeemable once per day it contains useful building materials and other items to help players get started!
- Tweaked "Party Crate" system for every vote party.

| Server Store Sale, 20% off ALL Ranks and Upgrades.

We're starting a limited time Summer Sale on our store. All ranks and upgrade prices have been cut by 20% so if you were looking to pick yourself up one of our packages now is a great time to do so! Thanks so much to all our previous donators. You've helped to keep the server going by funding our hosting costs, development costs and other expenses.

You can check out the Store and the On Sale items HERE.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the top donor for the month of July, Trockos. He is the latest addition to the hall of fame at /warp donor.

| Closing

Just to wrap this update log up, thanks for all the support on the server lately, its really great to see you guys so active! Thanks for all the suggestions I've received on discord of features to add to the server. Two of the big ones you can expect to be added in the future are' Jobs' and 'Custom Items'.

Following on from that, its great to see so much interest from you guys for this months building conest. I've already seen some of your guys creations and they're looking incredible!

Speaking of the build contest you can read our Events Thread for the month of August HERE. We've got a bunch of events running for August so hope you enjoy participating.

Thanks guys! <3
Hey guys, I'm gonna jump straight in and start announcing all the new stuff that I've been working on over the past few weeks so lets start!

| New Wilderness Spawn and Player Market

We've now got a brand new wilderness spawn when you travel through the portal. There's a bunch of new npc's as well as the biggest new addition, the player market. You can travel to the market with "/warp market". There are currently 10 rentable shops available and once you rent a shop you can edit the interior to your liking and set up chestshops to sell your items to other players.

You can only rent one shop at a time, rental prices range from $900 per week to $2000 per week. Depending on demand we may increase these prices as time goes on.


| Leaderboard System

We now finally have a full leaderboard system. Just use "/leaderboards" to access a bunch of different leaderboards for different stats ranging from mob kills to distance rode by pig! Leaderboards will be reset on a monthly basis and right now are only for bragging rights however I'll be introducing a monthly events programme very soon and players at the top of the leaderboards will win prizes including: ingame currency, store coupons and crate keys. I'm looking forward to see who comes out on top!


| LevelUp System

Since so many of our older players reach the max rank of citzen long ago we have introduced a new "leveling" system. Players will have to meet certain requirements and stats in order to proceed to the next level. Upon each levelup, your chat prefix will change and you will be rewarding with land blocks and different crate keys. Currently there are only levels 1-10 but we will be adding new levels soon as well as altering the requirements of levels 1-10 if they seem too grindy/ too easy to reach. We hope you enjoy this new aspect to the server!


| Pets (Donor Exclusive)

Of course our generous donors also deserve a long awaited feature, Pets! You can now take companions with you on your travels ranging from Iron Golems to witches. Your pets have their own inventory to store items in. They can be worn as hats and you can even ride them as you would a horse! You can access the pet menu with "/pets." Each donor rank unlocks a certain number of pets with Legend possessing access to them all.


| Other Small Features and Bug fixes

- fixed issues with vote party system.
- reset the end and the nether.
- fixed bugs with voting links.
- fixed old placeholder bugs
- made some changes to buycraft packages
- fixed issue where players weren't getting rewarded for voting
- made changes to help menus
- added some new gui's including "Renting" gui to learn about rentable shops.

| Staff positions Open

So one thing I've realised over the past year of running this server is that working alone is hard. Like really hard and I know its time to assemble a proper staff team. This time i'm calling on some of the players who've been around the server for a long period of time and who feel they can dedicate time to working on and improving the server alongside me. It's exciting for me to finally get some help and I think the server community will massively benefit from it. The positions I'm opening are:

- Community Manager
- Administrator
- Moderator (x2)

So any veteran players reading this who would like to apply and who feel they have the free time to dedicate to the server message me in discord or on the forums.

| Coming up next?

New features in the pipeline are:
- Emotes (Cosmetic)
- Events system
- Referral system (earn rewards for inviting your friends to the server)
- Possible Towny??? (will be put to a vote)
If you've got suggestions for what you'd like to see on the server next don't hesitate to suggest them in the discord group or on the forums.

Hopefully there's something for everyone in this new update. I'll see you online!
Hey Guys,

It's been four months since the last post on the forums! Thats a long time! So I want to get the server back on track starting with this Update! We've got a bunch of stuff to announce so lets get started!

| Survival World Reset

The Biggest change over the last few weeks has been a complete reset of the survival world, this was done for two reasons:
- A desire by the community to start fresh in a new clean world.
- Consistent lag problems probably due to corrupted chunks in the old world.

With this reset its a chance for all our players, both old and new to start from scratch and build better and bigger than before. It also gave us an opportunity to massively redo our economy to create a more balanced and fair experience for all. That all being said server resets will not be a regular occurance and I do not see us resetting again for another 12 months unless there is a massive demand by the community for some reason or another (perhaps 1.13?)

| Economy Redo, New Shop Layout


As already stated, the world and economy reset gave us the opportunity to work on rebalancing our economy and also creating a much more intuitive and easy shop menu to use. Mass Selling all your items is now as easy as clicking the middle mouse and you can now select exactly how many blocks or items you wish to buy/sell.

We've already been getting great feedback from the community on the new shop layout and the new balanced pricing so we hope this will improve the overall gameplay experience going forward! Leave your opinion in the comments below, whether you think we should change some of your pricing? Or is it all good the way it is?

| General Bug Fixes

Few small bug fixes:
** General reduction in lag
** Reconfiguring of Scoreboard plugin for better performance
** Fixed a few small permission related bugs

| Top Voters

Finally the top voters get the recognition they deserve, as always votes will be reset. Next winners will be announced end of march, since we're half way through february already!
  1. youwilldieto with 763 Votes Prize: $25 Store Coupon
  2. Steven8201 with 561 Votes: $20 Store Coupon
  3. XRomeoDeltaX with 361 Votes: $15 Store Coupon
  4. Thomas1201 with 303 Votes: $10 Store Coupon
  5. 5708alex5708 with 170 Votes: $5 Store Coupon
Good luck to all the voters next month! Winners shoot me a direct message on discord for your coupon codes!

| Top Donators

So we've got a few months to catch up on. Here they are from October to January the top donators were: XRomeoDeltaX, ThePreset, Portal 50 and Xziden! Thanks so much for the support to help us keep the server running and funding new plugin purchases! We wouldn't still be here without the communities continous generous support!

| New Monthly Events System

Finally we're excited to announce the new events system! In the past its been quite unclear and chaotic what the events and building contests are each month. Thats why I'm going to be setting up dedicated threads each month explaining the different events and building contests as well as the prizes. Winners will then be announced in that same thread and occasionally featured in these update logs. There will be an events tab above on the website nav bar for easy access to the thread each month. Links will also be posted in the MOTD so every time you log into the server you'll be reminded about currently on-going events.

We're really excited about this new system and It should give me the opportunity to run lots of different, fun and creative events and building contests each month. It will also give you guys the opportunity to win cool prizes so stay tuned for the Feb/ March Events coming soon. Like the voting, these events will spill over into march!

Thats all for now guys, Hope you enjoyed Valentines and see you in Spring!
- Thomas
Hey guys,

First an apology, I haven't been active over the past month and a half. Believe it or not I have a life outside of Minecraft! However as we approach Halloween i should have a little more time so hopefully I'll be online a lot more.

But that's enough from me, let's announce some stuff! (albeit 2 weeks late):

| September Build Contest Winners

So last month we tasked you with building a PvP arena for the server. Here are the top 5 entries we received:

1st Place: Rozzin (again) with "The Shell"
Prize: x3 Ultimate Keys + $30,000 In-game Currency.

More building genius from Rozzin, the sheer scale of this design is phenomenal. A lot of attention to detail within the build itself. Huge congratz to Rozzin and the other builders who helped him with this structure!


2nd Place: redstonepowder with "The Underground"
Prize: x3 Rare Keys + $20,000 In-game Currency.

I really like this underground style Arena. Definitely a very practical and well designed PvP zone with lots of different areas for players to fight in and move around. A lot of thought has clearly gone into the build so big congratz to redstonepowder!


3rd Place: Bot_Beanie with "The Biome Arena"
Prize: x3 Common Keys + $10,000 In-game Currency.

This was an interesting and unique design from Bot_Beanie who used different biomes as the theme for different sections of his arena. Well done for this clever idea and also a beautiful arena!


| PvP Arena

All three of these designs are excellent and we want all of them to be showcased to players. We are working on a world where all winning builds from build contests will be displayed. For now however only one of these arenas can be used as the main server PvP arena.

Simply because of its practicality and high arena walls be chose Bot_Beanie's. However, expect to see both redstonepowder's and Rozzin's builds used very soon for server events, (Hint, hint: Halloween).

The portal at spawn will now teleport you directly to Bot_Beanie's Arena where you can battle for victory against other players! Or use the warp: /warp pvp

For Next months build contest we want you to build: An amazing treehouse! It can be as small or large as you want, as detailed or minimalist. Grandiose or understated, whatever you wanted. I think this will be a really fun theme. Let me know what you think in the comments! Judging will happen at the end of November. (As we are already half way through October)

| Top Voters for the Month of September/ October

Thanks to all voters this month! The winners are:

  1. XRomeoDeltaX with 209 Votes Prize: $25 Store Coupon
  2. redstonepowder with 175 Votes: $20 Store Coupon
  3. TheLegend427 with 101 Votes: $15 Store Coupon
  4. lakritz99 with 96 Votes: $10 Store Coupon
  5. Loodster with 88 Votes: $5 Store Coupon
Good luck to all voters next month, votes have been reset. As we are already half way through October, I'm going to announce the next top voters at the end of November (like building contest). Winners, DM me on discord/ forums for your discount coupon codes!

| Top Lumberjack

The top Lumberjack on the server for the month of September was.. redstonepowder, with an impressive mcmmo level of 298. All prizes will be credited over the next 24 hours!

Prize: x3 Ultimate Keys and $10,000 in-game currency.

| Top Miner

This month we want to see who the top Miner is. The person with the highest McMMo Mining skill at the end of November will be declard the Winner! So... keep mining!

| Top Donator for the Month of September

Congratulations to Epazote who was the top Donator for the month of September! He has earned his place within the hall of fame at /warp donor. We are still overwhelmed by the support of our players. There is no way we would be able to stay open without your guys help do a massive thanks for that.

| Community Stuff

New features are incoming so look out for them about a week before Halloween, I have a week off for mid-term break and will be working on the server during that time! Until then, congratulations to all winners!
Hiya guys,

I know its only been a day or two since the back to school update but I'm here to bring you winners of the August Top Voter Competition, Creative Building Competition, the Servers Top Tamer and the Top Donator.

| Building Contest Winners

There are Three Winners of our Creative Building Competition this month. We told you to build anything and we received many entries. Thanks to all the competitiors, without further ado here are the winning builds:

1st Place: Rozzin with his "Grand Cathedral"
Prize: x3 Ultimate Keys + $30,000 in-game currency.

This build simply blew us away, tucked high up in the mountains it looks absolutely stunning. Little details like the stained glass really make this build amazing. Rozzin, you should be very proud and I can't wait to see more work from you!


2nd Place: lakritz99 with his "Medieval Fortress"
Prize: x3 Rare Keys + $20,000 in-game currency.

This was build into a forest and fits perfectly into its surroundings. The detail of the castle walls is excellent. Good choice of build materials as well. Well done Lakritz99!


3rd Place: Galalie with her "Old Town"
Prize: x3 Classic Keys + $10,000 in-game currency.

We loved the functionality of this build as it acts also as a base. The buildings have a lot of detail and the farms fit naturally into the landscape. Just shows you can have a functional base that still looks pretty!


All winners have been credited their prizes. So what is next months building competition? We want you guys to build a pvp arena for us! The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will remain the same as this contest however the winning build will become the servers pvp Arena in the upcoming pvp update!

So what are we looking for. Basically any style of pvp arena but a natural style will most likely look the best for our survival server. It also needs to be enclosed in someway, whether that be the walls of a castle or natural mountains surrounding a valley its up to you! Looking forward to seeing what you create (especially you Rozzin :p) Good luck to all, the winner of this next contest will also be considered for the role of Server Builder!

More details released soon. Building contest closes at the end of September.

| Top Voters for the Month of August

Thanks for all the votes for the server this month. Your support helps us to grow our community and get more new members online. The top 5 voters this month and their respective prizes are:

  1. n1cey with 231 Votes Prize: $50 Store Coupon
  2. Bot_Beanie with 198 Votes: $40 Store Coupon
  3. lakritz99 with 185 Votes: $30 Store Coupon
  4. Loodster with 122 Votes: $20 Store Coupon
  5. HURTZKE with 104 Votes: $10 Store Coupon
Can the winners please DM me on the forums or on Discord for their Coupon Codes! ASAP Thanks to all voters! Good luck to everyone for the month of September. Votes have been reset and the competition starts again!

Disclaimer: the next contest may feature slightly lower prizes, we are experimenting with different rewards. As this was our first month we wanted to give big prizes for early adopters however as we are a smaller server the prizes are large to give every month so they will probably be reduced slightly.

| Top Tamer on the Server

At the start of the month we announced a competition to see who was the best tamer on the server (had the highest taming mcmmo rank). The winner of that competition was Bot_Beanie. Congratulations to him with an mcmmo lvl of 126. The money and keys have been credited to your account!

Prize: x3 Ultimate Keys and $10,000 in-game currency.

| Top Lumberjack?

This month we are seeing who the best lumberjack is on the server. That's right, the Person with the highest Woodcutting McMMO level at the end of September will win x3 Ultimate Keys and $20,000 in-game currency, so Get Chopping!

| Top Donator for the Month of August

This month Hexagonisation becomes a member of the Hall of Fame at /warp donor, for being the top Donator of August. A massive thanks to Hex, The support has been overwhelming and will allow us to continue our growth. Will you join the Hall of Fame next month?

Huge thanks to all other donators as well. We are currently raising money for paid advertising which will assist the speedy growth of our Community.

| Community Announcements

Just a quick update on new features incoming. Rentable plots for shops are very close to completion I estimate next weekend they will be launched in full so stay tuned for the release of those.

You can refer to the Back to School Update for a full timeline of upcoming features.

Also the NETHER AND END WILL BE RESET @ 8PM GMT ON SUNDAY THE THIRD OF SEPTEMBER. Please remove all valuables within that time-frame. We are not responsible for any lost items. These are resource worlds anyway and you should not have big bases, etc.

Talk to you soon guys, and congratulations to all Competition Winners Again!