Official Official Server Relaunch | Two Year Anniversary

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Hi Everyone,

I'm excited to announce the relaunch of the Server on the 10/6/2019! This coincides with the approach of the server's two year anniversary!

Even though the server has had its ups and downs over the past two years we've still been able to build a really great community that I think we should all be immensely proud of. To go with this reboot we've completely redesigned the website so you can sign up for a new account on these BRAND NEW FORUMS. We hope you like the fresh look. Focus and Portal50 remain as our trusty staff team to help you guys on Discord, the Website and the Server.

Along with the new website comes a brand new reset World, Nether and End for you guys to explore starting from tomorrow!

We've also got various contests and events planned down the line so stay tuned here on the forums and on discord for that! You can still Vote for the Server from the links which you can access from the navbar and as before there will be monthly awards for top voters as well as the usual crate key rewards!

Our Donor Store is back up and running as well so if you want to buy ranks or perks to help keep the server running please head over there by clicking on the link in the navbar as well. This is just a short reintroduction post but will be followed with more extensive updates once the server is officially relaunched.

As always shoot me a PM on the forums or Discord with questions or just to chat!

See you guys online,


Official 1.13.2 Official Patch Notes | Summer Update!

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Hey Guys,

I won't waste any time except to say its been great to see all our returning players back on the server after the relaunch as well as a healthy number of New faces showing up. All the newbies are very much welcome! Be sure to tell your friends about GBCraft and help grow our community even further. Now lets start listing all the Bug Fixes that have now been implemented after the 1.13.2 Update:

  • Fixed a bug where some Shop Items couldn't be sold.
  • Fixed issue where enchanted items that came out of crates were broken.
  • Fixed some of the voting links which weren't working as they should have. Voting is now operational and dont forget that the top 5 voters each month win prizes! Do "/topvoters" and go here for more information.
  • Redesigned some of the menus that were broken.
  • Mended broken placeholders in the Statistics and Leaderboards player menus.
  • Corrected issue where the claiming tool was a shovel. It is now back to its regular item: a golden hoe.
  • Redid some of the descriptions for Premium Ranks to add some new perks
  • Added new pets to the donor exclusive pets menu. You can now summon dolphins, phantoms and much more! A new total of 57 pets are available.
  • Fixed problem where PVP wasn't...


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