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    Dec 16, 2017
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    Minecraft Username: Chr1st0ph3rs

    Age (13+): 14

    How long have you been playing at GBCraft: About a month now, my player time is about 11 hours.

    Timezone/ Country: EST, America

    How many staff applications have you made: Zero (Not counting this one)

    Explain to us with a brief introduction of yourself, why you would make a good moderator/ builder/ developer on the server and the forums including personal qualities, why should we consider you over others: I'm pretty active in the server and I've heard a lot about how staff is never on, I mean seriously its a bad thing and so I wanna help you out. I'm pretty well spoken, and I'm helpful in problem solving. I've been playing minecraft for 6 years and I've learned quite a few tricks. I'm also pretty friendly and well acquainted in the community.

    Have you ever been in a staff position before (if so provide details on your experience and what you learned from it): Yeah, I was staff on a little server called shark squared and I was also staff on a tiny little server called Alianware. but that was about it. both of those servers went down because of a small playerbase.

    How active can you be on the server and the forums, please provide us with an estimate of how many hours you can contribute during the week and weekends: 4 hours a day, 8 on weekends.

    Do you have any past punishments or bans on GBCraft (if so please describe your offences and why it shouldn't affect your application): Nope :D Clean slate here!

    Any further notes or information about yourself: I doubt I'll get it this time but the staff here are really never on and I know what that can do to a server, so I'm giving it a chance. thanks for your time.

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